Published: February 21, 2023

Level 2 @ KC Weightlifting – April 1st and 2nd

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Level 2 @ KC Weightlifting

Course Details:
USA Weightlifting Level 2 – April 1st and 2nd

Course Description:
In this course, participants will delve deeper into topics covered in the Level 1 course, as well as learn about essentials such as organizing and selecting exercises for weightlifting, biomechanical analysis of weightlifting movements, and competition preparation. Over the course of two days, expert USAW coaches will cover how to build periodized training plans for any sport using scientifically based principles as well as how to systematically detect, correct, and cue technique flaws.

In addition to covering these “what to coach” topics, this course will focus on helping coaches further refine “how to coach” skills related to effective communication such as creating a positive training environment, delivering effective feedback, and engaging in reflective practice. Participants will be frequently asked to reflect on their learning and consider ways to incorporate aspects of the course into their coaching. While there are downloadable .pdf resources available in the online course, a downloadable manual is not provided. This is to ensure all coaches always have access to the most current content.

Participants will actively participate in hands-on coaching sessions, collaboratively create blocks of training for a variety of athletes using case studies, analyze weightlifting videos, and practice coaching tactics in a mock competition. Attending this course will help you set up your athletes for long-term success.

Course Materials:
The course is housed digitally inside the USAW Learning Academy and consists of extensive interactive course modules, which can be accessed two weeks before the course begins and for as long as the coach remains certified.

Published: February 21, 2023

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